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Do you want to transform your property into a dream home? Are you planning on having an extension or are you starting from scratch? Well, look no further than Graham Barker Design. We should be your first point of call when looking for architectural designers in Fareham. To get the process started, give us a call on 02380 740 392.

Fareham Architectural Designers Will Make Your Dream a Reality

When it comes to the design and construction of a property, or any other elements relating to it, you need to find a company that suits you. Here at Graham Barker Design, we are architectural designers Fareham residents can trust. We will not deviate away from your vision, making sure that your property is transformed in a way that reflects your personality.

We have many strings to our bow, but one thing is guaranteed – we will work to the highest standard from design through to completion. Perhaps you are looking for architectural designers in Fareham because you require a loft conversion. If this is the case, then we are the company for you as we specialise in this area.

As well as creating extra space in your home, loft conversions can increase the value of your home. So, if you end up selling your property in the future, you could set a higher price due to the addition of the conversion. Our Fareham architectural designers will take care of the entire process, from initial survey to construction.

Here at Graham Barker Design, we can make additions to your home, but we can also help you build something unique. If you have a plot of land for construction, our architectural designers, Fareham residents, can help. We will cover everything, from drawings and planning applications to project management and development.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Whether you are planning a loft conversion, an extension or new builds, you can rest assured that Graham Barker Design are the right professionals to oversee it. You will struggle to find other architectural designers in Fareham that have the same dedication and commitment to your project.

Architectural Designers in Fareham

Among our list of services are the following:

The design and construction portion of the projects requires plenty of work, but you also need all the relevant approvals. This is where we come in. Our Fareham architectural designers will take the pressure off your shoulders by taking care of the applications. We will also ensure that all regulations are met before construction begins.

If you require professional assistance with architectural services, our team of Architects in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, and Salisbury is well-equipped to handle the process efficiently and effectively.

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Give us a call on 02380 740 392 for a free quotation on fill out the form below!

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Why Choose Our Architectural Designers, Fareham Residents?

If you are lucky enough to be able to build your own home or make adjustments to a property that you own, you have artistic licence. Hiring the expert services of Graham Barker Design means that you will work with architectural designers in Fareham that can make your dream real. Our experienced team are on hand to advise, but your vision will not get lost.

Each and every one of our architectural designers in Fareham has an in-depth knowledge of the industry. So, rest assured that you are in safe hands. It is hugely rewarding seeing your dream come to life, and we want to be the ones that create it for you. We cover every single step of the process, so you will not need to consider looking elsewhere.

Since it was founded 20 years ago, Graham Barker Design has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of Hampshire’s leading architectural designers. In Fareham, residents should take advantage of our expertise. As well as providing top-notch services, we offer a quote and consultation completely free of charge.

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As mentioned, our experts at Graham Barker Design will take on an array of projects, leading the way from design through to construction. We cover every aspect as architectural designers in Fareham, so all you need to do is tell us your vision. For a free quote and consultation, call us on 02380 740 392. Alternatively, email or contact us via our online form.

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