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Architects Eastleigh Can Trust

Taking the first step towards your dream can always be tricky, as there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.  Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in architectural design as with 25 years’ experience to call on, our architects in Eastleigh already have you covered. We’re one of the leading architectural design companies in Hampshire assuring you of the best quality guaranteed.

Eastleigh architects such as ours are far and few between. From design right through to construction, we will assist you in all areas. Our team will take care to make sure every aspect is designed according to your exacting specifications. We then liaise with your chosen construction company ensuring that they adhere strictly to your requirements.

At Graham Barker Design, we have plenty to offer, including:

Drawing Design Services

Whether you’re choosing to expand your property, construct a new one from scratch or make any other sort of alterations, it all starts with our drawing design services. A well-designed project is the difference between a home that is functional and worth a fair amount on the market, and one that is not. Our architects in Eastleigh can help you achieve the former.

From the initial survey right through to the final design submission, you can count on our professional architects. Eastleigh customers can achieve stunning yet feasible designs as we have the skills and knowledge to advise you on what works, and what doesn’t. Only with Graham Barker Design, architecture design company you will achieve the practical implementation of your project.

Planning Applications

Planning applications can seem daunting, and yet, they are almost always required whenever any sort of construction or alteration is carried out. Permission is usually sought from your local council, and certain criteria must be met for permission to be granted. Our architects in Eastleigh have plenty of experience in this regard and will guide you through the entire process.Architects in Eastleigh

Building Regulations

Speaking of planning applications, for these to be successful, you must be able to demonstrate that your project is compliant with current building regulations. Such regulations are necessary yet often complex and difficult to grasp. Our Eastleigh architects make it their mission to stay apprised of the latest changes to building regulations.

Whatever the current criteria, you can rest easy knowing that we will design things accordingly. Our advice will help you to avoid any pitfalls, and we can handle everything right down to the logistical details. Our architect in Eastleigh can even advise you regarding listed buildings too.

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Here at Graham Barker Design, we can provide the above services and more, including:

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Why Choose our Architectural Designer in Eastleigh?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the look on our customers’ faces as we bring their project to life. We’re committed to upholding our values which include providing positive client experiences – something which we continue to do every single day. This attitude has garnered us an excellent reputation which has been built over the last 20 years or so.

As the most knowledgeable architectural designer in Eastleigh; we’re here to assist clients with all matters pertaining to property transformation and construction. Our precise understanding of what is and what isn’t possible keeps our clientele from making costly decisions. We keep everything on the straight and narrow ensuring that all projects are completed to the highest standard.

Furthermore, we offer a service which is competitively priced, honest and tailored to your exact requirements. If you’re in need of professional architectural services, our team of Architects in Southampton, Architects Portsmouth, Architects in Winchester, and Architects Salisbury are here to provide you with expert guidance and support.

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